‘Free Sample’ Websites.

Unfortunately, due to the continued abuse of our free samples service by websites that scour the internet for ‘freebies’, our free sample offer system is vetting all enquiries.

Having been listed on several websites which promote hunting and claiming of free samples, our feeling is that many of the 500+ enquiries that we received in a 24 hr period are just claiming free samples for the fun of it.  Therefore, any sample request that is not supported by an authentic business name and address will not be sent. We will also look at other details such as where you saw the offer.  We know where we advertise.

Potliners are not for domestic use.  The product is designed and marketed for use by the professional caterer using Bain Marie / Gastronorm pots.

We will not be sending samples to ‘sample hunters’ for them to display as a trophy!

The free sample offer is still available to professional caterers.  However, These ‘free samples’ websites have slowed the process of sending samples as we need to vet every application.

Many Thanks

The Easy Bags team.