Easy Bags Ltd celebrate 10 years since the invention of Potliners

It all started 10 years ago when a chip shop employee called Liz was fed up with cleaning baked on food off the Bain Marie pots. Michael, Liz’s husband had a bright idea and set to work on a solution.  Fast forward to today and thousands of shop owners are thanking Michael for inventing what became known as Potliners from Easy Bags Ltd.

Potliners are a heat resistant plastic bag that lines the Bain Marie pots and can withstand heat for up to 24 hours.  Although initially designed to be a time saver, it soon became apparent that Potliners had a few other great benefits like keeping the food moist for longer.

Save money with Potliners..

“Time is money” says Barry Alambritis, Co-Director at Easy Bags Ltd, “Michael was working in our family’s chip shop back in 2001. When he showed me his invention I knew that not only would we save time paying staff to clean down at closing time, but I would also save on washing detergent.”

Luckily Barry and his family also owned a manufacturing company and were able to join with Michael to form Easy Bags Ltd a few years later.  Since then, Potliners have helped save thousands of hours and pounds for shop owners in the UK and abroad

 “We knew the product was good,” continues Barry, “But the growth of the company has really impressed me, it seems that once people try Potliners they never want to clean a pot ever again!”

Easy Bags Ltd now supplies Potliners via wholesalers across the UK & Europe. Potliners are also being used as far away as Singapore!.  The time taken to clean a Bain Marie pot is reduced by 95% with cost savings to the user of around 75%.  And with more people than ever before being aware of the impact on the environment, it’s also good to know that after a quick rinse Potliners can go in the recycle bin.

Michael eventually returned to Cyprus leaving Easy Bags Ltd to look after his invention which is now available in 12 sizes including Soup Kettles, Kebab trays and all sizes of Bain Marie pots.   So what does the future hold for Easy Bags and the Potliner? Well,…the future looks as bright as the new logo and box design.  A new style of advert and better distribution and customer support has been rolled out already.  The Easy Bags team are working hard to make sure that they continue to supply one of the best products available to caterers whilst also looking into other market sectors

Michael had the idea for Potliners 10 years ago.  On behalf of all the caterers who have used over 8 million of them so far,

Thank you!

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