Sizes of Potliners available

We have 10 sizes of potliners available to line the majority of Gastronorm standard size pots and also soup kettles as listed below….

Size 1 (1/4 Small)

Bain Marie Liners

Size 2 (1/3 Medium)

Gastronorm Liners

Size 3 (1/2 Large)

Food pot liners

Size 4(4.5 Litre Round)

soup kettle liners

Size 5 (2/3 Extra Large)

Mushy Peas Liners

Size 6 (1/6 Extra Small)

Chip shop liners

Size 7 (1/1 Full Size)

Sauce Pot Liner

Size 9 (Standard Soup Kettle)

Soup Kettle Liner

Size 10 (Wide ‘Sunnex’ Soup Kettle)

Soup Kettle Bags

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